Walkerton County Towne Players

"2013 - Bedtime Stories"

Bedtime Stories Playbill
Bedtime Stories Playbill

Bedtime Stories is made up of six separate scenes or stories. Sexual innuendo is frequent throughout the play and, although you never see anything graphic, the content is definitely written with an adult audience in mind. The first comic scene introduces us to Lou and Betsy, a middle-aged couple who have agreed to have sex on live radio for $5,000. In the next story, a meeting between two old high school friends brings some touching moments. There are lots of laughs in the third section when a would-be robbery leads to some unexpected male bonding. The introduction of Tommy Quick, shock rocker and one of his teenaged "groupies" adds more comedy to the play. The fifth story revolves around the hilarious attempt by the owner of a strip club to fire an overly eager exotic dancer. The final story pulls all of the threads of the previous five stories together in a humorous and yet, heartfelt manner.

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