Walkerton County Towne Players

2014 - A Tribute to Danny Craig

Oh Danny Boy Program
Oh Danny Boy Program

Jack: Thank You Heather for your introduction and welcome everyone to County Towne Players tribute to Danny.  

Sherry: Yes thank you as well Heather.  I am very excited and proud to be a part of this evening.  You know Jack, I have not been on this stage in front of an audience for a few years now but it brings back wonderful memories.

Jack: Your right, the last time I was on stage was with you in 2011 for Time Travel Interrupted and we shared that stage with Danny

Sherry: Yes Danny played the ghost of Joseph Walker... It was fun to play the role of your wife who could see ghosts and especially when my character was attracted to Danny t.

Jack:  Danny's Charm as Joseph even led to a kissing scene as I recall

Sherry: Gives her familiar look of shock

Jack: Well… tonight we are back to highlight and remember all  that Danny gave us and as a major contributor to County Towne Players.  

Sherry: I agree.   As we planned and prepared this night, it was amazing to recall everything Danny did for County Towne Players and his love for live theater both on and off the stage.  

Jack: As  I look out at the audience I see a number of former and present members of our County Towne Players, I was lucky enough to be  with Danny  in four productions for Walkerton Young Players and two with the revived County Towne Players.  You of course took part in a number of  productions with Danny as well

Sherry: Yes I appeared in many plays with Danny and every one of them was better because Danny was involved.  He added so much to each performance with his talent and nature ability on stage.  

Jack: I could not think of a better lead in.  We are honored to be able to introduce a video tribute to the many stage contributions made by Danny.

Sherry: So Ladies and Gentlemen,  Let all now sit back and take a trip down memory lane.

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