Walkerton County Towne Players

2019 - Steel Magnolias

Cast and Director
Cast and Director

County Towne Players are proud to present Steel Magnolias, a play that is most recognized because of its blockbuster movie status.  The play has six strong female characters all with different personalities that will bring wit, humour, emotion and a heartwarming story to the stage.  Set in a fictional town in Louisiana during the 80's, these gals bring their unique circumstances to the local beauty shop owned by their longtime friend Truvy.  

The play opens with a discussion of Shelby’s wedding.  Shelby is the beautiful, optimistic daughter of loving and doting mother M’Lynn who along with wisecracking Clairee,  grumpy old Ouiser, shy and nervous Annelle, and caring and romantic Truvy, all give and share advice.  The plot covers the events over a span of three years, centering on the impact of Shelby’s health concerns.

The end result is a beautiful story about life and friendship that leaves you laughing and crying and laughing again. This comedy drama is one of our best so sit back and enjoy a show that will touch your heart and your funny bone at the same time!  

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