Walkerton County Towne Players

Our History

A Little History About The County Towne Players

The County Towne Players is a popular and entertaining amateur theatre troupe that was founded in 1972 by a small group of people who had a vision to start an organization that recognized and encouraged amateur talent and bring theatrical presentations to Victoria Jubilee Hall.  Because of the long and proud tradition of the Jubilee Hall, it was a natural fit.  

In that inaugural year the founding members were Danny Craig, Bill and Marg Shaw, Ralph and Erleen Martin, Doug and Florence Farr, and Gary and Nancy Bajurny.  This committed group of individuals were the driving force behind the first play of Arsenic and Old Lace.  The talents of Patty and Sid Duggan, John Devlin, Danny Craig, Bill Shaw, RJ Creighton, Gary Bajurny and Marg Shaw were seen by enthusiastic audiences in four sold out shows.  After the play's huge success, the County Towne Players was officially born.  

From those humble beginnings came many more wonderful shows.  Some of you will recall Dandy Lion, See How They Run, Meanwhile Back on the Couch, Come Blow Your Horn, Play On, Blythe Spirit, Pool's Paradise, Sinner's, Imaginary Invalid, Christmas Carol, Cemetery Club and Dirty Work at the Crossroads.  Because the Victoria Jubilee Hall was condemned in the early 90's productions ceased.  After a concerted effort by many community volunteers, the hall was revived and the opera hall once again provided a beautiful space for productions.  A small resurrection came for CTP in 2006 with the walking play Valley Towne Tales.  With the sequel of Time Travel Interruption in 2011, County Towne Players was reborn.  We are proud to have presented a show every April since that timeā€¦. (Return of See How They Run, Bedtime Stories, Suite Surrender,  Meanwhile Back on the Couch, The Reunion, Leading Ladies, Sin, Sex and the CIA.)  

County Towne Players have provided many additions to Victoria Jubilee Hall over the years.  Our latest project was renovating the 6th floor make up and change room areas.  This has been made possible through the generous support from our sponsors and our community over these last few years.  We would also not be able to present such professional theatre without the support and expertise of many volunteers.  We thank them for their dedication and unfailing hard work.  We also want to thank our partner the Rotary Club of Walkerton and the board of Victoria Jubilee Hall.  It takes teamwork from so many people and we appreciate all of you!  

As always, we look for new talent and volunteers so look for an ad in local papers or Facebook in the fall of each year.  We do casting around the first part of November. Our goal is to start producing a fall show as well but as yet not finalized.  

For more information about CTP please contact Heather Kueneman.

We look forward to hearing from you!