Walkerton County Towne Players

Theatre Etiquette

Walkerton County Towne Players try to bring to their audiences a balance between familiar, time-honoured shows and newly written scripts from new playwrites. We endeavour to provide our audience with a memorable theatre experience and ask theatre patrons to review the etiquette guidelines below to ensure all can fully enjoy the show.


At the time of ticket purchase, please make sure that the date and time on your tickets are correct. Sorry no refunds; ticket exchange is permitted on the dates specified only, for each production.

No official dress code is required however, please keep in mind that many people are highly allergic to perfume or cologne.  The Victoria Jubilee Hall is a Scent Free Zone!

Babies and very young children may inadvertently cause a disturbance to those around you. You are asked to choose seating close to an aisle so that you can take them out of the audience to re-settle them.


* Please plan to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the show time posted on the ticket. Early arrival allows time to park, find your theatre seat and review the show program before the show starts. All shows start at the stated time.

* Please turn off all electronic devices, including cell phones, pagers, beepers, alarms, or any device that can disturb the performers and your fellow audience members

* Please do not talk, whisper, sing or hum during a performance unless you are encouraged by the performers to do so

* Please remove your hat during the performance to allow those seated behind you clear vision of the show.

* Photography is not permitted during the performance

* Audio and video recordings are strictly forbidden under copyright laws.

* Only bottled water is allowed in the theatre. Refreshments will be served in Room #3 or in the lobby at intermission.

* Please avoid the noise and disruption of unwrapping candy, squeezing plastic water bottles etc during the performance as it is much louder than you think!

* Late-comers will be ushered to their seat at an appropriate time during the show or seated at the back until intermission.

* On occasion the theatre or acting company will hire a videographer to video the performance. Please be aware that the microphones on the video camera's are very sensitive and pick up talking and noises for quite a distance from them.


For those on stage, and the crew backstage, your applause and/or standing ovation is the ultimate reward for their artistic endeavours. Please do not rush out during the curtain call as it disrupts the audience and the cast members.

The cast members would appreciate seeing you down in the lobby after the show

If you need assistance or a situation requires attention assistance please speak to an usher or the house manager.

Thank you for coming to the County Towne Players theatrical performance.

We hope you enjoy the show and will tell all your friends.